Registration Codes

Our old games – from around 1998 to about 2008, used registration codes to unlock them, which could be purchased from various stores. These games were for platforms which no longer are current – Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian. We haven’t sold registration codes for these games for quite some time!

From time to time, a long-time customer who has had to reset or replace their device asks us for their original code, or asks to buy a registration, and we don’t have any way to handle that any more!

So here’s our gift to you if you’re still a happy user of the last decade’s technology – a registration code for the game you’ve been hoping to register.

Each of the games is keyed to the HotSync ID (on Palm OS) or Owner Name (on Windows Mobile), but because we had trouble dealing with various characters that didn’t translate too well, we made a nice easy-to-type numerical version of this, which we called the Astra ID – this was a 6 digit number, which was always starting with 73, which helped us to identify when someone was quoting one to us!

Search for your Astra ID below and to get the corresponding registration code.

Enter it into the game and if it works, brilliant! If it doesn’t, then I’m afraid you are really out of luck.

Good luck! (If this works and makes you delighted, feel free to drop us a message! If, however, this doesn’t work, and you feel angry, please don’t contact us for support as we really can’t help you!)

Here is a zip file of the latest versions of the Astraware own titles for Palm OS (as far as I can find them!) It includes Biplane Ace, Astro Defence, Bang!Bang!, Boardgames, Bubble Shuffle, Bzzz!, Astraware Casino, Crazy Daisy, Eye Of Horus, Link Letters, Mahjongg, Police Range, Galaxy Ranger, Astraware Solitaire, Star Pop, Astraware Sudoku, T-Blaster, and Zap!2000/Zap!2016.

We don’t distribute the original binaries for any of the games other than those which we we owned ourselves, so if you’re looking for any of our licensed games, so you will have to look at your own backups for those!