Find all the words in the fastest time!

Perfect for children and adults, with varied word lists and lots of puzzles available!

Word search is a popular pastime everyone enjoys! In each puzzle you are given a list of words and you need to find them hidden in a grid full of letters. For this reason, word search puzzles are also known as Word Seek, Word Find or Word Sleuth games.

You get free unlimited access to play four new Daily puzzles each day – compete on the global leaderboard! For more of a challenge there is a free Weekender puzzle available each weekend with a bigger grid, perfect for solving leisurely on Saturday or Sunday morning, or even on Friday afternoon!

Continue playing with our Anytime Puzzle streams - these aren't limited to any particular day so you can play through them at your own speed! Want to play offline? 60+ puzzles are included in various sizes and difficulties, and you can buy extra puzzle packs to keep on your device and play anytime!

Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon Appstore
Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon Appstore

Reviews of Wordsearch for iOS and Android

Does everything you expect from a game of this type very well. A happy addition to my essential apps. Love comparing myself to other avid users.

Love this! Brilliant game and the daily challenge is something to look forward too. Keeps the grey matter working, good for all ages as well as teaches younger people how to spell with fun. Recommend to everyone

I am a big fan of word search puzzles, and this one has me looking forward to the daily puzzles. I really enjoy it, and would recommend it to anyone who loves puzzles.

This new generation of digital word search puzzles brings a lot of fresh fun to an age-old pastime.