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Acrostic icon

Solve the clues to reveal the words and find the vertical target word that connects through them all!

CodeWords icon

Numbers 1 through 26 each represent a letter, but what's the mapping to create a valid word grid?

Number Cross icon
Number Cross

Put your deductive reasoning to the test in this number puzzle!

Wordsearch icon

Scan the grid and find all the themed words in the fastest time

Wordoku icon

Fill the grid by solving it logically, and find the nine letter target word hidden in a line within it.

A-to-Z icon

26 gaps, one for each letter of the alphabet. Only one combination will make the word grid valid!

Solitaire icon

12 classic solitaire games in one easy pack, with options galore - play each game how you like it!

Sudoku Of The Day icon
Sudoku Of The Day

An award-winning Sudoku game with six daily puzzles to challenge yourself with, plus a built-in puzzle generator

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Roulette, Slots, Texas Hold'em and many more games... Enjoy all the fun of a casino without losing your shirt!